Understanding ISO Cleanliness Codes – Lube Matters


Think about this: what’s the most critical part of the building you’re standing in? Quite simply, there is no building without a foundation. You may not see it or think about it, but it’s there, below the surface – that solid base that sets the stage for the structure and everything it holds.

The oils, lubricants and hydraulic fluids you use in your equipment play the same role. A clean lubricant is the foundation for maximizing component life. When contaminants you can’t even see reside in lubricants, they threaten equipment reliability. And that can disrupt your business operations and drive up maintenance and equipment costs.

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Six on Highway Trends That Drive Fuel Savings

Vehicle efficiency changes are now being implemented across the total vehicle today from both truck original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and fleets to help improve fuel economy and operating costs, while helping to reduce their carbon footprint. Some of the items that are continuously evolving through improved technology and innovation are:

  1. Diesel Engine Optimization
  2. Improved Drivetrain Efficiency
  3. Aerodynamic Changes
  4. Vehicle Weight Reduction
  5. Tires and Automatic Tire Inflation Monitoring
  6. Telematics and Vehicle Automation


key areas vehicle efficiency


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