Product Sampling

A representative from Jackson Oil comes out to your site to take a fluid sample. This can be any type of fuel or lubes.

Another alternative for lube sampling is several of our vendors – Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and Valvoline just to name a few – provide a complete lube program. We have sampling kits that our customers use to sample their own lubes and then send into our vendor to receive a detailed analysis of their product condition. The Oil Analysis Program is a diagnostic, preventive maintenance tool that uses fluid testing to monitor and evaluate lubricant and equipment condition in all types of mobile and industrial applications.

Oil samples 1


  • Identify minor problems before they become major failures – Monitoring trends in wear and contamination help prevent catastrophic failure
  • Extend drain intervals – Performing oil changes when the condition of the oil requires it helps reduce unnecessary labor costs
  • Extend equipment life – monitoring system cleanliness helps reduce repair and replacement costs and helps enable you to keep equipment longer
  • Maximize asset reliability – scheduling downtime according to your schedule helps eliminate unforeseen decreased production

Fuel and Oil Analysis

  • Fluid management report – preventative maintenance and troubleshooting