Home Heat Service


Jackson Oil & Solvents, Inc is one of the largest Home Heating Oil distributors in central Indiana. Our customers have the option, depending on their credit status, to choose “KEEPFULL/AUTOMATIC” or “WILL CALL” deliveries. Jackson Oil also offers a BUDGET PAYMENT PROGRAM which allows our customers to pay one price throughout the year to help with fluctuating oil prices.

Jackson Oil will be responsible for keeping the customer’s tank full. Our state of the art Degree Day software tracks your fuel oil consumption and determines how many heating oil gallons your residence burns per “Degree Day” accumulated. This calculation is called your K Factor and every residence has a different K Factor. Keepfull accounts are dispatched for delivery when their tank levels are approximately at 35% full.

For Will Call Deliveries, each customer is responsible for monitoring their own heating oil tank and calling Jackson Oil to schedule a delivery when needed.

Heating Oil “KEEPFULL” customers, based on their credit status, can choose to participate in Jackson Oil’s BUDGET PAYMENT PROGRAM. Budget payments allow the customer to make eleven equal payments (July-May) and the twelfth month (June) is called the settlement month. Any account balances must be paid in full by the end of June. Budget payments are calculated by determining the estimated heating oil gallons consumption at each customer’s residence multiplied by the estimated cost per gallon for the new heating oil season. This calculation determines the total estimated heating oil expense for your residence. The estimated heating oil expense is then divided by eleven months to determine each customer’s monthly budget payment.