Fuel Master

Always on the cutting edge of technology, FuelMaster® has the most dependable and easy to use systems for fleet application in the business. We can meet your needs and stand up under all conditions. FuelMaster® saves you  money by eliminating manual tracking of fuel transactions and increasing accountability. The FuelMaster® equipment is the fleet manager’s #1 choice and has been for years!

FuelMaster’s® flexibility permits numerous, diverse uses; e.g., a gate opener, car wash activator, or controlling access to chemicals, to name a few. If you are looking for reliability and flexibility, look no further. The purchase price of is only part of what you pay for a fuel management system. Repairs and system downtime also cost you money, making reliability a key factor in achieving return on your investment (ROI). We, Jackson Oil, encourage you to talk with FuelMaster® owners, particularly those who have previously used other brands of fuel management.