Premium Synthetic Blend API CJ-4 Diesel Engine Oil; Fortified with Liquid Titanium Protective Additive Guardol ECT (Emission Compatible Technology) Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium protection additive is a premium quality, part synthetic API CJ-4 engine oil developed for use in four-stroke cycle diesel engines designed to meet 2007 and later EPA on-highway exhaust emissions standards. It is specially formulated for compatibility with exhaust after treatment systems using diesel particulate filters (DPF), diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC) and/or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. It is backward serviceable for use in pre-2007 diesel engines, and may be used in mixed fleets with both diesel and gasoline fueled vehicles.


On-highway diesel trucks equipped with EGR  and exhaust after treatment devices to meet 2007/2010 emission standards. Older diesel equipment with conventional, non-EGR engines or ACERT engines. Off-highway construction, earth moving and mining equipment. Mixed fleets with diesel and gasoline-fueled vehicles.


Excellent protection for newer low-emission diesel engines and older diesel engines. Specially formulated to protect exhaust aftertreatment devices. Exclusive Liquid Titanium protection additive provides enhanced oxidation resistance and protection against engine wear.  Outstanding soot control for protection against abrasive wear and soot-induced oil thickening. Outstanding resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown at high temperatures. Protects against sludge and varnish formation. Protects against rust and bearing corrosion. Excellent low-temperature pumpability with soot laden oil. High shear stability.