Diesel 50 plus is a true premium diesel as defined by the joint EMA/TMC (Engine Manufacturers Association/The Maintenance Council) Consensus Specification for Premium Diesel Fuel. This means Diesel 50 plus delivers improved performance and increased engine durability. The engine cetane number rating of a diesel fuel defines its ignition quality. DIESEL 50 plus has a minimum engine cetane number rating (D613) of 50. The higher engine cetane rating of DIESEL 50 plus means easier ignition and quicker starting at lower emperatures. Means cleaner burning fuel with reduced smoke and odor while providing faster, smoother warm-ups and quieter operation. Will provide maximum fuel efficiency resulting in increased mpg and increased operating hours. Fuel mileage may increase 3% to 5%.


Diesel 50 plus is recommended for use in all on-road heavy duty truck, automotive and bus applicatons.  It is also recommended for all off-road, marine, and stationary diesel engine applications where a lower sulfur content for lower emissions is needed.  Whether on the highway, on the farm or on the construction site.  Diesel 50 plus is the quality choice for your diesel fuel.


Plus a detergent and dispersant to help keep injectors and your fuel system clean.  DIESEL 50 plus meets the tough Cummins L10 injector cleanliness test. Plus enhanced lubricity to provide added protection to your pumps and injectors.  DIESEL 50 plus provides the lubricity your diesel engine needs for trouble free operation. Plus a demulsifier to help shed water resulting in a reduced potential for corrosion and performance problems caused by wet fuel. Plus stability enhancers that extend the useful storage life of DIESEL 50 plus by providing resistance to gum and resin formation.  Plus added thermal stability to with stand the higher fuel temperatures in modern diesel engines. Plus a metal deactivator to supress the production of gum and varnish caused by brass, copper, and other trace metals in the fuel system. Plus a corrosion inhibitor to protect injectors, fuel systems and storage tanks from damage due to rust or other corrosion.