Delo synthetic Grease SF is a high performance grease specifically engineered for trailer wheel ends operating in a wide range of conditions. Delo Synthetic Grease SF is manufactured using polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base oil, a polyurea thickener, rust and oxidation inhibitors, extreme pressure additives, and a special combination of friction reducing agents. It is gold in color with a smooth, semifluid texture. Delo Synthetic Grease SF is formulated to perform in demanding conditions of high and low temperatures.


Recommended for use in trailer axles.  It flows smoothly and evenly at temperatures as low as – 45°C (-50 °F) and continues to lubricate efficiently at temperatures  up to 190 °C (385 °F).  It provides many advantages in trailer axle lubrication, compared to mineral oil-based grease, such as Excellent low temperature properties (i.e. lower starting torque).  Oxidation resistance at high temperatures. Excellent antiwear/low friction performance throughout the operation temperature range.


High temperature stability up to 190°c (375 °F). Low temperature lubrication down to – 45 °C (-50°F). Excellent antiwear/low friction performance. Extreme pressure load carrying capacity. Rust protection  Extended lubrication intervals