Global Vehicle Fleet to Double by 2035 – Lubes’n’Greases

I found this article very interesting as an economic outlook as a whole. The more vehicles on the road, the better our economy right? Read the below article and let us know your thoughts!

The global vehicle fleet – commercial vehicles and passenger cars – is expected to top 2.4 billion by 2035, doubling the current 1.2 billion total, according to the 2016 BP Energy Outlook. Read More….

One thought on “Global Vehicle Fleet to Double by 2035 – Lubes’n’Greases

  1. Michael Hampton says:

    If, as the article states, well-developed countries like the USA are already approaching saturation and will not contribute much to the growth, it is hard to imagine a doubling of the fleet. The various highway departments in the USA can’t keep up with maintenance & necessary upgrades to the infrastructure now. I doubt that under-developed countries will be able to build their infrastructure at a pace necessary to allow this kind of growth.

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