Avoid Fuel Gelling Issues

Howes Winter Tow Guarantee

Avoid Costly Fuel Gelling Issues

Winter Treat Plus contains a concentrated cold flow improver designed to reduce the size and alter the shape of the wax crystals as they precipitate from the diesel fuel in low temperatures. This reduces vehicle failure during cold weather.

The best cold weather protection available.

  • Lowers the Cold Filter Plugging Point by up to 20 degrees or more.
  • Increases fuel economy – reduces the requirement for blended fuel, which has lower BTU content.
  • Prolongs fuel filter life. Reduces Contaminants and safely controls water.
  • Non-Alcohol formula is safe to use in all weather conditions.
  • Flows at -20º allowing you to store additive outside.Howes Diesel Treat Anti Gel

Why Howes?

Jackson Oil & Solvents, Inc. has been partnered with Howes because it is the most recognizable name in the fuel additive business. “Howes Diesel Treat Anti-Gel and Howes Meaner Power Kleaner are the #1 selling diesel additives in truck stops and travel plazas throughout North America”*.


*Howes Website 10/28/2015


Howes Winter Treat Plus





Howes Winter Treat Plus is available for purchase from Jackson Oil & Solvents, Inc. It can be included in pre-additized bulk fuel.


Howes Meaner Power Cleaner




Howes Diesel Treat with Anti-Gel is available from Jackson Oil in packaged sizes while Meaner Power Kleaner is available in packaged sizes as well as pre-additized bulk fuel.



To learn more about the “Winter Tow Guarantee”, see the below website for details when purchasing packaged goods. Speak with your sales consultant regarding the details for bulk fuel with the Howes Winter Treat Plus additive.
Winter Tow Guarantee

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