2014 IMTA Truck Driving Championship

The Indiana Motor Truck Association (IMTA) hosts the annual Truck Driving and Technician Championships to showcase the state’s best drivers and technicians. For two days each year, participants engage in hands-on challenges and written exams to see who will prevail.


Jackson Oil Tanker 2

Jackson Oil’s Tanker was apart of the competition!

The 74nd annual IMTA Truck Driving and Technician Championships were held on June 20th and 21st at Lincoln College of Technology in Indianapolis. There were a record 147 drivers from 23 companies and 47 Technicians from eight companies that competed. There were nine truck driving class winners, a team winner and a grand champion as well as several achievement awards. The technicians awarded eight station winners as well as a grand champion.




Jackson Oil Tanker

Jackson Oil’s Tanker on display.

In the technician competition, Jason Monjo of Stoops Freightliner – Quality Trailers placed first at several stations and emerged as the overall grand champion. Dan House, a driver for FedEx Freight, was named the overall grand champion among the Indiana Truck Drivers.



2014 Grand Champion

2014 Grand Champion with Nathan Keith (left), Jackson Oil’s Dispatch Manager.

In an industry where drivers have to deal with varied traffic, weather and road conditions, staying accident free can be difficult. For the pros who want to compete, safe driving becomes a part of their daily routine. This is why Jackson Oil is a proud supporter of the IMTA Truck Driving Championships. The event brings awareness to improving the safety skills and knowledge among Indiana truck drivers and technicians.


For more pictures from the event, check them out HERE!

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