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Having trouble managing the growing demand for premium motor oils?  Jackson Oil & Solvents introduces the new E-Pak™ Lubricants Dispensing System from Service Pro®.  This dispensing system is meant to assist you in supplementing your bulk products (e.g. 5W-30, 15W-40, etc.).  The 6-gallon packages and rack help you overcome the challenge of carrying all the products demanded by your customers while helping you conserve valuable space.  Using the Service Pro® dispensing system 6-gallon package, you can now inventory six different products in the same floor space as required for a single 55-gallon drum.

e-pak svc pro 2




Call your Jackson Oil & Solvents’ sales consultant for more details and pricing or Donneta Thompson at (800) 221-4603 x731 or donneta.thompson@jos.us.com.


 Go Green…Save Green Each Service Pro® 6-gallon box uses 89% less plastic than the 24 1-quart bottle equivalency.  In addition, the pricing of these 6-gallon boxes is between that of case goods and a 55-gallon drum reducing your costs.  This environmentally responsible packaging and delivery system will save you space, time, money, and significantly reduce waste.

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