The Next Youtube Sensation

Yes, you heard correctly – Jackson is now on YouTube and yes, we will be the next YouTube sensation.

Why does Jackson want to be a YouTube sensation?

The better question is why would Jackson not want to be a YouTube sensation? We feel like we have important information to share whether you are a customer, prospect, or just a nosy friend that wants to know a little more on what Jackson is about. Hey, I have no problem with it – in fact I do it too. Don’t be ashamed, subscribe to our channel and help make our dreams a reality.

How is Jackson going to become a YouTube sensation?

I am not for sure how we are going to get there so I decided to Google ‘How to become the next YouTube sensation’. I found hundreds of sources on tips and tricks but the best was from wikihow.com (the source is below).  Here are the suggested tips (with my responses):

  1. Try starting a fan club of some sort
    My Response:  Jackson Oil Fan Club, I like it!
  2. Get a YouTube account and make funny videos.
    My Response:  Hmm… I am not sure how to make fuel and lubes funny, but I will give it a shot!
  3. Get a Facebook and start sending random people (Optional) and tell them about you.
    My Response:  Awkward – is all I have to say. I firmly believe if you have a good product and useful information, people will come to you.
  4. Make a likeable Facebook page
    My Response:  Done. Check it out: www.facebook.com/jacksonoil
  5. You can always join a fan club instead of making one.
    My Response:  I do not know if there are any Jackson Oil fan clubs currently, but I will keep an eye out for one.
  6. Tell people at a school, family, and friends about your new page of a fan club and such.
    My Response:  I am working on this – hence this blog.
  7. Don’t lie about things just to make it sound real.
    My Response:  Well I am unsure what Jackson would lie about, but I assure you our video posts will not consist of lies.
  8. And last but not least, if you are making videos of singing and stuff like that, then learn all the lyrics and the words.
    My Response:  I hope all of the Jackson employees know the words to Jingle Bells because that will be our debut song!

There you have it, Jackson will be the next YouTube sensation if we follow these 8 simple steps!

To keep up with us, visit http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ld393LjPedUoreJsbyM_Q?feature=watch

Sources:  http://www.wikihow.com/Become-an-Internet-Sensation


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