FAQ – Racing Gas

A tremendous addition to Jackson Oil & Solvents, Inc. was the creation of a 24hr Racing Gas Station. About 6 years ago, we noticed that the majority of our racing customers wanted to pick up fuel just before the race. This created some challenges as this could range from late at night to late into the weekend. Our solution – a 24hr Racing Gas Station.

The site is well lit and capable of accepting most major credit cards. 3 years ago, Jackson created an alliance with VP Racing and now customers can buy the finest racing products available in the market all at one location.

Products include:

  • VP Street Blaze 100 Unleaded,
  • VP 110,
  • VP 112 Leaded,
  • VP 113 Oxygenated,
  • Methanol,
  • and Dyed Diesel in the Summer & Kerosene in the Winter.

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