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Many people call in and ask whether we exchange or fill propane tanks. At Jackson Oil, we can refill any propane tank large or small at our facility. We can fill different shapes and sizes as long as the tank is not expired.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Propane:

Q: Is refilling a propane tank cheaper than exchanging?
A: Yes! Refilling a propane tank is cheaper than exchanging. If you exchange your propane tank, you do not receive credit for anything you had left in the tank. Get your tank refilled by one of our professionals and pay for only what you need.

Q: Is my tank expired?
A: Tanks expire 12 years after the expiration date that is stamped into the metal collar around the valve at the top of the tank. Expiration occurs at the end of the month that is stamped on the tank. At that point it would either need to be recertified or disposed of and a new tank purchased. When a tank has been recertified it will have another date stamped or engraved into the same general area and will then be good for another 5 years after the last day of the month of recertification.

Q: Does Jackson Oil recertify tanks?
A: No. Jackson Oil does not recertify tanks. There are companies such as Ferrellgas and Amerigas that will recertify a tank for under $20.

Q: I heard propane can be used as an alternative fuel for vehicles. What are the benefits?
A: Propane is the number one alternative fuel for the automotive sector, powering more than 8 million vehicles in more than 38 countries. Many propane vehicle fleets have reported 2 to 3 years longer service life and extended intervals between required maintenances compared to gasoline vehicles. Companies that switch their fleet fuel to propane have the opportunity to lower both their emissions and their operating costs. Propane vehicles have the longest driving range of any alternative fuel. Propane exhaust creates 60 to 70 percent less smog-producing hydrocarbons than gasoline.

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