The Indiana Motor Truck Association (IMTA) hosts the annual Truck Driving and Technician Championships to showcase the state’s best drivers and technicians. For two days each year, participants engage in hands-on challenges and written exams to see who will prevail.   The 74nd annual IMTA Truck Driving and Technician Championships were held on June 20th and 21st at Lincoln College of Technology in Indianapolis. There were a record 147 drivers from 23 companies and 47 Technicians from eight companies that competed. There were nine truck driving class winners, a team winner and a grand champion as well as several achievement awards. The technicians awarded eight station winners as well as a grand champion.       In the technician competition, Jason Monjo of Stoops Freightliner – Quality Trailers placed first at several stations and emerged as the overall grand champion. Dan House, a driver for FedEx Freight, was named the […]

Indiana has declared a change in how Gasoline Use Tax is calculated. The state will be switching from a prepaid sales tax on gasoline, which was collected from retailers, to a gasoline-use tax based on a rolling monthly statewide average that is collected from distributors. The tax rate could change from month to month depending on the average price for gasoline. Before today, we calculated use tax by multiplying the price for a gallon of gasoline by 7%. As of today (July 1, 2014), the new gas use tax will be 7 percent of the average price of gasoline in the state during the previous month. The Departement of Revenue will release what the new tax rate will be every month. The Department of Revenue has released the July’s gas tax will be $0.229 per gallon, calculated off of an average price of $3.269.     Here is the statement […]

Having trouble managing the growing demand for premium motor oils?  Jackson Oil & Solvents introduces the new E-Pak™ Lubricants Dispensing System from Service Pro®.  This dispensing system is meant to assist you in supplementing your bulk products (e.g. 5W-30, 15W-40, etc.).  The 6-gallon packages and rack help you overcome the challenge of carrying all the products demanded by your customers while helping you conserve valuable space.  Using the Service Pro® dispensing system 6-gallon package, you can now inventory six different products in the same floor space as required for a single 55-gallon drum.       Call your Jackson Oil & Solvents’ sales consultant for more details and pricing or Donneta Thompson at (800) 221-4603 x731 or donneta.thompson@jos.us.com.    Go Green…Save Green Each Service Pro® 6-gallon box uses 89% less plastic than the 24 1-quart bottle equivalency.  In addition, the pricing of these 6-gallon boxes is between that of case goods and a 55-gallon drum reducing […]