Jackson Oil is introducing a new “mini series” of blogs. The DEF Dialogs are video blogs that go into detail about Diesel Exhaust Fluid, or as we call it DEF. Keith Huff, our DEF Depot Coordinator, is the talented spokesperson for the blogs. If you have any interest in topics that you would like for us to discuss, let us know. We would be delighted in helping you find the answers to your questions. For more information on DEF visit: www.def-depot.com To contact Keith directly, his email is keith.huff@jos.us.com

Team Jackson participated in the 2014 Race for the Cure! Here are some of the photos throughout the Race:  

Rising diesel fuel costs and the shale-gas boom in the last couple of years has caused many fleet companies to begin looking at natural gas as an alternative to diesel fuel.   Large amounts of natural gas in shale rock formations has been unlocked by improved drilling techniques, making the fuel cheaper and more plentiful across the U.S.   However, the major concern for fleet owners is the cost of natural gas engines.  Vehicles equipped to run on natural gas typically cost quite a bit more than conventional diesel models, but because of the significant price gap between natural gas and diesel fuel many companies are beginning to justify the transition–breaking even in just a couple of years.   At the pump, a gallon of diesel often costs more than twice as much as natural gas, on a diesel-gallon-equivalent basis.   Another disadvantage of natural gas is that it isn’t as dense as […]